Exchange Rate Determination

Mechanism for Exchange Rate Determination:

The mechanism for setting the exchange rate of VNST is a process that utilizes intelligent algorithms to represent the exchange rate for VNST. Within the intelligent algorithm, VNST has devised a dynamic balancing mechanism with real-time market transaction rate, references to ensure optimal conversion of value to VNST for users.

This creates favorable conditions for determining and representing the value of VNST/USDT, helping maintain the exchange rate equilibrium of the VNST/USDT pair in the market.

For instance, in cases where the difference between the USDT/VNST exchange rate and the market rate exceeds the covered price (0.5%), the VMM will autonomously balance by increasing or decreasing circulating supply immediately to maintain stability and equilibrium in the VNST/USDT exchange rate.

Through this automated mechanism, VNST has the capability to actively ensure and sustain stability, while also minimizing the potential impact of price manipulation and significant fluctuations on user benefits.

To ensure the balance of the VNST/USDT exchange rate, the system will automatically scan the market rate for updates to the equilibrium rate every five minutes.

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