Responsibility & Benefits

Within the VNST system, Partners play a crucial role in ensuring the stability and development of the trading environment. Partners bear specific responsibilities, obligations, and privileges to promote the efficient and sustainable operation of the system.

Responsibilities of Merchants

One of the paramount responsibilities of Partners is risk management in integrating and operating the system. Partners must ensure that the transaction information integration process occurs smoothly and securely, assuring users of the best trading experience without security concerns.

Furthermore, Partners are responsible for providing VNST with information for public disclosure across the protocol and communication channels:

  1. Partner Name and Information:

    • Partners are required to provide their official name and business or project introduction information.

  2. Crypto Wallet Address:

    • The Partner's provided wallet address to VNST will be widely publicized on all media platforms and VNST's official homepage. This collaborative wallet will also display the fees that VNST supports for the Partner and the profits contributed by the Partner to VNST through the Smart Contract.

  3. Integration Date with VNST:

    • The official date of VNST integration into the Partner's project.

Obligations of Merchants

Partners of VNST have an obligation to provide transaction information through an API to VNST, such as:

  • Real-time VNST transaction volume (updated daily)

  • Real-time number of VNST transactions (updated daily)

  • Total VNST transaction fees (updated every 5 minutes)

VNST requests that Partners provide this information to ensure transparency and authentication in the collaboration between the two parties. This information not only plays a vital role in identifying the Partner's identity and characteristics but also helps the VNST community and users understand the Partner and the project. Simultaneously, it allows both parties to maintain and regularly update specific details about the progress and outcomes of the collaboration.

All of these contribute to creating a trustworthy and smooth collaborative environment, benefiting both Partners and VNST.

Rights of Merchants

VNST is committed to ensuring all rights for Partners as they integrate VNST into their ecosystem and project. Through the Trade Partner Pool, VNST will share profits with Partners based on the criteria and value that the Partner has contributed and delivered.

This creates motivation for both parties and promotes the mutual development of VNST and its Partners. Through specific policies and agreements, the Trade Partner Pool will reward Partners, creating additional income opportunities and encouraging collaboration.


  • Phase 1 does not include a reward feature for Partners.

  • At the time the Trade Partner Pool shares profits with Partners, information will be stored and displayed to ensure transparency:

a) Real-time profit-sharing execution time b) Receiving wallet address and sending wallet address c) Sent value (with unit) d) Transaction code recorded on the Blockchain (TxHash)

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