VNST's Merchants play a crucial role in the success of the VNST. By collaborating and integrating with various projects and platforms, VNST can diversify and provide users with multiple options to use the VNST token in various aspects.

  1. Exchanges

With a long-term perspective and a dedication to development, VNST intends to establish strong partnerships with cryptocurrency exchanges. The integration of VNST into these exchanges creates a new trading environment for users, particularly those interested in cryptocurrency trades denominated in currencies other than the US dollar (USD)

Moreover, integrating VNST into exchange platforms brings many significant benefits. Exchanges can introduce new trading pairs, providing users with more choices in cryptocurrency trading. This fosters diversity in the market and facilitates trading and investment activities.

Therefore, the integration of VNST will increase liquidity and trading volume for both centralized and decentralized exchanges, creating a dynamic environment that promotes cryptocurrency trading and investment activities. Furthermore, having VNST available will also serve as a risk mitigation strategy for exchanges by diversifying their assets.

Collaboration with exchange platforms will create a safe and convenient trading environment for VNST users. Buying, sending, and receiving VNST will become easier, promoting the use of VNST in financial activities.

  1. Wallet Providers

The project also aims to collaborate and integrate VNST into cryptocurrency wallet projects, allowing users to easily convert between VNST and other cryptocurrencies and manage VNST conveniently.

Furthermore, VNST wishes to expand investment opportunities for users through cryptocurrency wallets, which often integrate various investment features, enabling users to use VNST while monitoring the market for potential investment transactions.

  1. DeFi Projects

VNST will focus on establishing collaborations with projects in the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) sector to open up new opportunities for VNST users. The integration of VNST into DeFi projects allows users to access services such as lending, savings, and participation in potential investment funds. This creates a diverse cryptocurrency financial ecosystem, enabling users to maximize the value of their VNST assets in a safe and efficient environment.

We hope to provide users with the best investment opportunities and asset utilization, fostering the development of the cryptocurrency market.

  1. NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) Projects

In addition, VNST is eager to pursue collaboration opportunities with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) initiatives, a prominent trend in the cryptocurrency industry. The synergy between VNST and NFT initiatives can result in engaging user experiences.

We aim to provide users with a novel perspective when accessing and managing NFTs with a unit other than the US dollar (USD). This may entail using VNST to purchase NFTs, participating in NFT auctions with VNST, and even developing unique applications and experiences related to NFTs such as GameFi and SocialFi.

We believe that the integration of VNST and NFTs will provide both Vietnamese consumers and the international cryptocurrency community with novel experiences.

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