VNST is designed to growth through the following stages:

Phase 1 - Proof of Concept:

In the initial Proof of Concept phase, the project will focus on integrating VNST with a popular stablecoin, in this case, USDT. The choice of USDT is driven by its alignment with the project's requirements.

USDT currently holds the largest market capitalization among all stablecoins and boasts a longstanding development history since 2014. Despite market fluctuations, USDT has maintained trust within the cryptocurrency community.

After successfully testing with USDT, VNST will aim to expand its partnerships to include at least two or more stablecoins. The purpose of diversifying with various stablecoins is to provide utility and broaden options for users, allowing them to convert VNST using different stablecoins. Additionally, partnering with multiple stablecoins serves to minimize risks for VNST in case any particular stablecoin encounters issues.


  • During this phase, the circulating supply of VNST will not exceed 100 billion to ensure risk control at a minimum level and avoid significant impacts on users.

  • Key metrics for evaluating this phase include the volume of issued VNST, the circulating supply, and the total volume of transactions involving various cryptocurrency assets through VNST.

Phase 2 - Proof of Technology:

After achieving key metrics in Phase 1 and demonstrating user demand for VNST, the project will advance to the Proof of Technology phase. In this stage, the primary objective of VNST Solutions is to expand the utility of VNST by developing it across multiple blockchain networks. Additionally, the project will utilize stablecoins other than USDT for conversions and integrate VNST with both centralized and decentralized financial applications. This involves integrating VNST into:

  • Centralized Exchanges (CEXs)

  • Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)

  • Decentralized Protocols

  • Cryptocurrency Wallets used in Web 3.0

VNST aspires to meet all user financial service needs through the utilization of cryptocurrency via VNST. Key metrics will continue to be monitored and measured in this phase to ensure that the utility value of VNST is expanded and meets the market's demands.

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