How to install the wallet extension?

Step 1: Install the Add-on Brothers visit

Select Get chrome extension ⇒ Add to chrome ⇒ Add extension ⇒ Done.

Then the wallet will display a start screen like this, you choose Get Started.

Step 2: Create a Metamask wallet Here there will be 2 options:

  • Import wallet: Restore the wallet if you have created a wallet before.

  • Create a Wallet: Create a new wallet.

You will choose Create Wallet to create a wallet.

Next, read the terms below and click I Agree.

Enter the password, then tick the box read and agree to these terms of use ⇒ Click Create.

Then, Metamask will show a video tutorial on how to use Phrase and how to secure the wallet. After watching, click Next.

Metamask will give you 12 keywords called Secret Backup Phrase.


  • This Secret Backup Phrase is very important, in case you are logged out and forget your password, you can use it to recover your wallet, but if you lose the Secret Backup Phrase, it means you will lose your wallet and all assets are in the wallet.

  • Therefore, I advise you to save and secure it carefully, you can write it down on paper to be sure! And never give a Secret Backup Phrase to anyone! After making sure to save these 12 words, click Next.

Next, you select each word in turn in the order of the previous 12 words and click Confirm.

That is the completion of the Metamask wallet creation. Click All Done.

Below is the interface of the Metamask wallet.

You can pin your wallet to Google's Taskbar for easy tracking by following the steps below.

Step 3: Login to your Metamask wallet

Every time you close your browser, Metamask will automatically log out.

This means that you need to re-login your Metamask wallet every time you need to use it.

To login to your wallet, you just need to enter the correct Password and click Unlock.

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